I have completed many training courses, workshops and seminars and am currently working toward my Dog Training and Behaviour Diploma with International School for Canine Phychology and Behaviour (ISCP).

I am also currently doing a shadow programme with another trainer, Linnea at Walk and Train Edinburgh.  I am shadowing her group classes and 1-2-1 training consultations.  I enjoy learning and love learning more from other trainers.

I have also completed my Introduction to Dog Training and Practical Instructor course with Institute of Modern Dog Trainers.

I am a platinum member of the Pet Professional Network who are a international business support network for force free pet professionals.  I am being mentored by Helen Motteram the founder of Pet Professional Network so I can learn how to help my clients and dogs to the best of my ability.

They work in collaboration with world class training and behaviour institutes and provide advice in all aspects of marketing, mindset and personal development, helping to connect members with like minded professionals in a safe network. They are proud to be an affiliate of ICAN (The International Companion Animal Network.

Qualifications, Certificates and Workshops completed
Helen Motteram - Distinctive Dog Trainer Course
Helen Motteram - Platinum Dog Training Mentor 6 Month Course
Craig Ogilvie - Interactive Play Workshop
Craig Ogilvie - Communication, Arousal and Problematic Behaviour Workshop
Rachel Bean - Canine First Aid Training Course 
Sue Kewley - Happy Shepherd Dog Training Course
ISCP - Dog Trainer Diploma
Dog Training College - Puppy Trainer Specialist
Dog Training College - Level 3 VTQ in Advanced Canine Body Language
Dog Training College - Reactive Dog Seminar - Jordan Shelley
Dog Training College - Wellness Therapies Seminar - Dr Isla Fishburn
Dog Training College - Canine Wellness Balanced Behaviours - Dr Isla Fishburn
Dog Training College - Self Control In Dogs - Sian Ryan
Dog Training College - Holistic Veterinary Medicine - Dr Nick Thomson
IMDT - Career as a Dog Trainer
IMDT - Practical Instructor Course
Canine Principles - Canine Fear Course
Canine Principles - The Dog Rescuers Guide
Dog Training College - Body Language Components
Dog Training College - Canine Emotion
Dog Training College - Canine Vocalisation
Dog Training College - Dog - Dog Communication
Dog Training College - Working through reactivity using T Touch
Dog Training College - Building your dog’s confidence
Dog Training College - Introduction to Canine Massage
Dog Training College - Puppy Socialisation
Dog Training College - Canine Compulsive Disorder
K9 Manhunt and Scentwork - Introduction to Scentwork
The School of Canine Science - 30 Days of Canine Science
Tracey McLennan - Connect with your Prey Driven Dog
Janet Findlay - Your end of the lead Workshop
Herbal Vet Scotland - Reagan Carnwath - Holistic Dog Care
Lothrorien - Loose Lead Master Class
Lothlorien - How to run a safe and effective dog walking business
Lothrorien - Play for fun Workshop
Lothlorien - Al Bunyan - From Puppy to Pro Workshop
The Pet Empawrium - Natural Canine Care Conference
Edinburgh Dog Behaviour - Think like a Behaviourist
Edinburgh Dog Behaviour - Dangerous Dogs in Scotland - Legal & Behavioural Perspectives
K9 Massage Clinic - Introduction to Massage
Forth Training - Working Safely with Dogs - UK Rural Skills
Forth Training - Canine First Aid - UK Rural Skills
Pack Leader Adventures - Pack Leader Dog Trainers Bootcamp
Lothrorien - All about Dogs Workshop
Dr Nick Thompson - Raw Feeding Seminar