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As a German Shepherd owner I understand the difficulties that many people have as a GSD Owner.  The breed has a reputation for being aggressive or as I say a ‘Shark on a lead’ however this is far from the truth and with the correct training and socialisation they are a pleasure to own. 
German Shepherds are known to be a one man dog and will tend to build a very strong bond with one person.  They are not an easy dog and definitely not for everybody.  They are very intelligent and active dogs and as well as appropriate exercise need to be kept busy learning, playing and working.
They are not a dog that likes to be left home alone for hours on end, they love company and when you get a Shepherd you will never go to the toilet alone again!!
I can guarantee once you get a Shepherd you will fall in love with them and more than likely get another.  

I offer the following German Shepherd training packages that are tailored to the breed specific traits.I use positive training methods and will never ever judge you as I have more than likely experienced the same problems with my dog or a dog I have trained.


Our GSD puppy 1-2-1 training sessions is a personalised 5 week course tailored to you and your German Shepherd.
The sessions take place in your home where your puppy will be relaxed and happy.  Although we can go outdoors as and when we need to.  We will discuss your training needs and put a plan together to set you of on the right paw.

We cover all aspects of basic training including, toilet training, correct socialisation, crate training, mouthing, basic obedience, loose lead walking, recall.  We will also show you some tricks and how to use enrichment to keep your dog mentally stimulated and most important how to strengthen the bond between you and your puppy.

I take all of the breed specific traits into consideration and also discuss health and training issues that every Shepherd owner needs to understand.

5 Week Programme £300

Pre-Consult Questionnaire
I may ask for a recent vet visit.
The initial consultation is carried out at your home where the dog is relaxed and comfortable in his own environment.We shall discuss the questionnaire and the training and behaviour that are causing concern.We shall discuss some control and management strategies and also talk about how to increase the bond with your dog using enrichment.
I shall prepare a training plan within 72 hours of our consultation.  I will follow up with a telephone call after 7-10 days and shall be available for email support for 2 weeks.
We can discuss what support programme would be most suited to you based on our initial consultation.  All new clients must agree to commit to following the advice given and one of training sessions rarely work for your dog in the long term.

90 Minutes Consultation £125


Gold Programme

1-2-1 Coaching
Four 60 Minute sessions per month
Two 1-2-1 Solo Training Walk per month with myself (West Lothian Only)
Weekly check in via Messenger/WhatsApp
Price £275 per month (Minimum 2 Month sign up)

Silver Programme

1-2-1 Coaching
Four 60 Minute sessions per month
Email support if require
Price £225 per month (Minimum 2 month sign up)

Bronze Package

1-2-1 Coaching
Two 60 Minute sessions per month
Weekly check in via Messenger/WhatsApp
Price £125 per month (Minimum 2 month sign up)


GSD Only Dog Training Classes

We also offer German Shepherd only training classes in West Lothian.

The Boss Dog Training Club is a friendly GSD only training club for dogs who already have basic training which has been operating sucsessfully for the past 3 years.

It is a friendly club where you can come along on a weekly basis and not have to worry about people judging you as everyone understands the breed and are all there to support each other.

We have 3 classes running every week and also offer safe group walks with dogs who know each other.

If you wish further information on the club, feel free to ask me.

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