Claire - Dog Behaviour and Training Consultant and Dog Walker

My name is Claire, the ‘Top Dog’ at Dugs Paws. I am passionate about helping dedicated dog owners, like you, to enjoy stress free walks with their best friend.

My journey starts with my own German Shepherd, Diesel; he taught me that walks aren’t always ‘a walk in the park’. I also felt judged by other dog owners.
- Rude stares, as people crossed the road to avoid us.
- Being told that he was a ‘vicious breed’ and that he should be kept away from other dogs.
Not only did I feel judged and belittled, I also faced plenty of struggles with training Diesel.

From struggles to new strength
I fell completely in love with Diesel but, since there were times that I felt like a failure, I sought the support of a local dog trainer. They put a device, known as a ‘prong collar’, on Diesel's neck – to prevent him from pulling. However, as soon as I saw it on him, I could see that he was in pain and I knew that there MUST be a better way!
It was in that moment that I decided to begin my own training; I dedicated time and effort, with training courses, so that I could help not only Diesel and myself, but also other owners who had faced similar struggles (especially with German Shepherds!)

The inspiration behind Dug’s Paws
Inspired by my own struggles, I wanted to go on to help other owners, as I’d discovered how long and lonely the road can be!  That’s why I decided to specialise in German Shepherds: I have the knowledge AND the personal experience, so I will never judge owners for the difficulties that can often accompany the breed.

Never give up!
Despite these struggles, we achieved the unexpected: Diesel went on to become a Therapy dog with ‘Canine Concern Scotland’, regularly visiting hospitals and universities to help patients and students with reducing stress.

A community of dog lovers
Dug’s Paws is not only about dog training; it also serves to bring owners together, to offer a safe place for support and advice. I run a German Shepherd community Facebook page and regularly arrange group walks and various workshops.  I also volunteer with ‘German Shepherd Rescue Scotland’ and regularly hold events to raise money for the rescue.

Honest advice: I will never judge you
I always offer honest, informed advice and I try to avoid the usual ‘jargon’ words. I work with you at your own pace; after all, every dog is as individual as their owner, so there is no one-size-fits-all training method!  

The learning never stops!
Just like you – I continue to learn, keeping up to date with the latest practical and theoretical knowledge of dog behaviour, so I can better help dogs and their human families

Oriana - Dog Walker 
Oriana has a rescue German Shepherd called Fina, she has done lots of training with her and attends our German Shepherd training classes.  She has grown up with dogs and owned German Shepherds for 18 years.   She enjoys walking so decided it would be nice to walk the dogs.  Oriana enjoys working with the puppies.

Paul - Dog Walker

Paul is a retired police officer from Calderwood.  He has had dogs since childhood.  He currently has a jackapoo and a bishon frise.  
He enjoys golfing and walking the dogs.

Lauren - Dog Walker 

Hi my name is Lauren and I will be joining the dugs paws team as a part time walker. Even though I’ve never owned a dog, I’ve always had a passion for dogs and although I have never been lucky enough to own a dog have walked many of my friends dogs. I have always had aspirations to pursue a career in biology or care for animals. I’m looking forward to starting a new chapter in my life and exploring new opportunities and looking after your dogs.
Natalie - Dog Walker 

I have a German Shepherd called Lola, who is five. Last year I lost my childhood companion Angus (a Cocker Spaniel) at the good old age of 14. A few months later, we were introduced to Finn, a Sprocker Spaniel pup, who instantly filled that Angus shaped hole in our hearts.
I have been around dogs my entire life. Growing up surrounded by our canine friends, I have developed a huge amount of appreciation and love for them. They're more than just 'pets', they are part of our family. 
I am currently studying Social Sciences at university, but have always wanted to work with dogs in some context. Therefore, I am extremely excited to have this opportunity and I know I will love spending every minute with your dogs.