Dog Adventure Walking in West Lothian

Adventure Walk 

Are looking for an adventure for your dog throughout the day? Are they bored sitting at home all day while you work? Or do you simply just worry leaving your precious pooch at home? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, The Dugs Paws can help!

I have access to a private enclosed woodland area and fields which gives you peace of mind that your dog is safe, had lots of fun and returned home both happy and tired.

On our adventure walks we will provide your dog with a fun safe adventure. We limit the numbers to 4 dogs so we can provide the dogs with our full attention.

Our adventures are fully structured with play time using toys and balls.  We will do some brain games to mentally stimulate and enrich your dog and perhaps a little scent work or some ‘find it!’ games.  Playing games with the dogs will keep their attention focused on me and this way they are not at risk of bounding up to other dogs or running away.

Our expertise is with German Shepherd Dogs but we will walk any breed.

The dogs will learn manners and I will practice basic training commands such as sit, down, stand, wait, touch and maybe even a wee spin.  We will also practice their recall starting on lead and progressing to off lead.   Your dog shall be so busy on their adventure that
they shall sleep like babies once they get home.

Dogs shall be kept on lead unless permission has been given by their owners to allow them off lead however I shall only allow them off lead when I have built a relationship with your dog and I am confident that I have a good recall with them.  I am very safety conscious and will not take the risk of loosing your dog or letting them get into any trouble.

Area Covered

East Calder 
Mid Calder


Group Adventure
1 Dog  £13. 2 Dogs £20
Maximum 4 Dogs
Solo Walk
30 Minutes 1 Dog £13 2 Dogs £20
60 Minutes 1 Dog £19 2 Dogs £28


We will pick your dog up from your chosen location and drop them off once their adventure is complete.  They are transported in a purpose build van with built in cages and ventilation. Travelling time is over and above their walk time.
We will refresh their water and give them a rub down before leaving them happy and tired.  If you allow we will even leave them a treat.

We do have a portable shower in the van so we will always try and clean your dog as best as possible.


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